My Resume

Summary of Qualifications


  • Experience with project Planning, Oracle and SQL Server databases and programming in many languages.
  • Operating Systems: Digital VMS, Digital UNIX, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, Windows NT/2000, Windows 95/98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux.
  • Databases: Digital Rdb (Now Oracle Rdb), Oracle 7, 8 and 8i, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL.
  • Languages: DEC BASIC, ClearBasic, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C, PL/SQL, MACRO 32, JAVA, HTML, ASP/Jscript, JSP and PHP.
  • Tools: ClearCustomize, WebLogics, Visual Cafe, Apache, Clarify API, Microsoft Access, Informatica, Business Objects, DECCase, DEC Rally DEC Forms and FMS.
  • Applications: Clarify, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, PolyCenter Performance Adviser and PolyCenter Capacity Planner.




  • Completed large and complex projects on time and under budget by properly designing and implementing assigned modules and assisting other teams with techical issues, documentation, debugging and bug fixes. These projects involved JSP, JavaScript, Java Beans, Servlets and BEA WebLogics Server.
  • Created Custom Applications using Visual Studio, Visual C++, Visual Basic, SourceSafe, Microsoft Access and Oracle.
  • Prepared the PSO Consultants by developing and delivering training in Java and JSP programming.
  • Rescued troubled projects by resolving technical issues and data manipulation errors, performing architecture and design reviews and performing knowledge transfers.
  • Improved system reliability and user acceptance by establishing a communications channel between the users and the developers.
  • Created System Architectures and Designs by performing Business Needs Analysis and Gap Analysis.
  • Increased system maintainability by designating superfluous customizations after analyzing new release features and examining changes in business practices.
  • Certified Eighteen Clarify Developers by delivering the Clarify Partner Training course, providing tutoring on an as needed basis and proctoring the Certification Exam.
  • Received Excellent Instructor ratings by delivering Clarify System Administration, Clarify Data Model, ClearCustomize and Clear Basic courses.
  • Restored Critical Systems to reliable operation by resolving problems with system upgrades and software compatibility issues involving Oracle Parallel Server, Digital UNIX and TrueCluster.
  • Enabled data sharing between independent sites by Architecting, Designing and leading the implementation of a distributed database using Microsoft Access databases and Oracle databases.
  • Provided Global Reporting by designing and creating a consolidated Oracle database and data consolidation procedures to load multiple independent Access databases.
  • Improved System Performance by evaluating system and application performance and recommending changes including application changes, system tuning and system upgrades.
  • Helped generate sales by assisting with proposal responses and assisting customers in the formulation of proposal requests.
  • Helped generate Sales by presenting Corporate and Self developed presentations and product demos on databases, Data Warehousing, Transaction Processing, Workstations, Systems, Storage Subsystems and networking.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction by representing customers with engineering to lobby for new features and problem resolution.



2003 to Present: Diablo Results, Concord, CA


Business Development and Management consulting helping individuals and organizations remove obstacles to greater success by developing Strategic Business Plans, Leadership, Management, Supervision, Sales and Customer Service skills, improving attitudes and habits of individuals and the organization. Also, delivered consulting in database technologies and Web design and implementation.


1998 to 2008: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

I am in my eighth year serving on the Board and my third year as the Chairperson of the RSCDS-San Francisco Branch, a 501(c)3 that, along with the parent organization in Edinburgh, Scotland, works to preserve and expand the traditional dancing of Scotland. I have also been the Chair of the Jean Patrick Memorial Dance held during the Labor Day weekend for the last nine years. My responsibilities include arranging for the Hall, Musicians, Catering, and Volunteers


2007 to Present: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, San Francisco, CA

WEB Master

I took over full responsibility for managing the Branch Web Site and am currently in the process of upgrading the Web Site to a fully interactive membership site using PHP and MySQL.


1998 to 2002: Nortel Networks (previously Clarify, Inc.), San Jose, CA


Principal Technical Consultant

Assisted Customers with the implementation of Call Centers using the Clarify product. This included Business Needs Analysis, Gap Analysis, Architecting, Design, Implementation, Testing, Cutover and follow on support. Also provided training to Customers and Clarify and Third Party consultants. Call centers were implemented on Oracle 7, 8, 8i, MS SQL Server and Sybase. Used the database procedural languages (PL/SQL and Transact SQL) for data loading, manipulation and troubleshooting. Customizations were programmed using ClearBasic, Java, JSP, ASP, JScript, Java Scripting and Java Beans. Some customizations required the creation of Stored Procedures, Triggers and modifying the schema.


1977 to 1998: Digital Equipment Corporation, San FranciscoBayArea, CA


Principal Software Specialist


Provided consulting to Digital customer’s in Databases, Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing, networking and real-time processing. These activities utilized Digital Rdb, Oracle 7, MS SQLServer, Informatica, Business Objects, ACMS, Digital Pathworks and Microsoft Access.

Participated on several projects by doing Architecture, Design and implementation as well as assisting in project planning, scoping and cost estimation.

Technical Presales Support:

Assisted in the sales of Digital systems by providing technical information in Databases, Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing, Systems and Networking.

Field Service:

Repaired PDP11 and VAX systems and peripherals.