DMC User List

DMC User List is a GoDaddy plugin to create user lists in posts and pages.

I am a member and webmaster for a Barbershop Chorus. While working on the site,
I found it desireable for each member to be users of the website so that they could
contribute content, to contrl access to private pages and torestrict commenting while
still allowing member commenting. This allows the web site to have a membership list without
the redundant entry of data.

Tested with the plugin ‘Extra User Details’ to add user metadata but most similar plugins should work.
Also tested with ‘Basic User Avatars’ for user avatar support in the listing. I intend to support other
user avatar plugins in future releases.

Features include:

  • Upgrade Safe customization
  • Importing users from a Excel Spreadsheet
  • Exporting users to a Excel Spreadsheet

Now hosted on

Demo page at

Download Here

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