DMC Media

DMC Media is a WordPress plugin to create media players with optional download link by category or singly.

I am a member and webmaster for a Barbershop Chorus and we rely heavily on learning
tracks to learn and review songs. On the website, I created four pages, Bari, Bass, Lead, and Tenor
and with one shortcode, display all the learning tracks for that part. It also works with mp4 videos.

Features include:
Upgrade Safe customization

Now hosted on

Demo page at

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DMC User List

DMC User List is a GoDaddy plugin to create user lists in posts and pages.

I am a member and webmaster for a Barbershop Chorus. While working on the site,
I found it desireable for each member to be users of the website so that they could
contribute content, to contrl access to private pages and torestrict commenting while
still allowing member commenting. This allows the web site to have a membership list without
the redundant entry of data.

Tested with the plugin ‘Extra User Details’ to add user metadata but most similar plugins should work.
Also tested with ‘Basic User Avatars’ for user avatar support in the listing. I intend to support other
user avatar plugins in future releases.

Features include:

  • Upgrade Safe customization
  • Importing users from a Excel Spreadsheet
  • Exporting users to a Excel Spreadsheet

Now hosted on

Demo page at

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GoDaddy Reseller Plugin – GD Resell

GD Resel Plugin – Allow GoDaddy resellers to redirect product sales and perform domain name search through their reseller.

This plugin helps GoDaddy resellers set up a store front on their own site that allows their users to perform Domain searched
and purchase other hosting and domain products.

Features include:
* Upgrade Safe customization
* Importing of exported GoDaddy Price Lists
* Exporting of Price Lists for importing into GoDaddy

Now hosted on

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Site Change Detection

This class can scan directory to detect file changes.

It can perform an initial scan to a given directory and records in a MySQL database the files that were found, as well the respective hashes.

The class can perform subsequent scans to detect any files that were added, changed or deleted.

The class can also setup the database tables to perform the initial configuration.

December 2013
Number 3

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PHP Compare Directories

This class can compare files in two directories and find changes.

It traverse two given directories to retrieve the lists of files.

The class can determine which files were added, removed or changed.


November 2013

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Larry’s Form Generation

This class can create HTML forms using jQuery for validation.

It can generate HTML for different types of form elements like inputs, labels, form start and end sections.

The generated HTML includes JavaScript that can validate the form inputs either when the inputs are changed or the form is submitted.

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DB Schema Management

I have been doing php/MySQL development for many years now and have started looking at distributing applications. One or the
issues that I have come up with the the creation and updating of the database schema. I started developing this class on a project
that was creating a WordPress plugin that the client was hoping to resell. I had been working with WP eCommerce and sae how they
managed their schema and developed this system that overcomes some of the shortcomming of that system.

This class can be used to:

  1. extract a database schema into a php script that defines the schema in an array.
  2. apply the extracted script to recreate the database schema.
  3. Allow the editting of the extracted script to impment changes to the schema.
  4. Allow users of the application to create changes to the schema that are separate to the extracted script.
  5. Support for pre and post processing scripts.
  6. Require a minimum schema version to apply the update.

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Validation Javascript

This script can be used to validate a form or a control.

This script requires jQuery.

Valid validations are:

  • required
  • email
  • date – in dd-mon-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy-mon-dd or yyyy-mm-dd formats
  • time
  • currency
  • numeric
  • alphanumeric
  • alpha
  • phone
  • state
  • zipcode
  • urlentry

Valid controls are:

  • text
  • testarea
  • select – Required only, value not ” or 0
  • radio buttons – one must be checked

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